Tina P.Sep 4, 2020
Excellent agency to deal with. Almin is a genius and always exceeds our company’s expectations. Highly recommend for any business trying to grow or expand on their social media and business growth. …Read more...
Hamdy A.Oct 17, 2022
I am a beneficiary of crypto currency investment, I have tried so many fake manager online it took me time to find the right online bitcoin trader I risked my $500 thinking it would not work, with…Read more...
Mitch R.Oct 14, 2022
Currently working with Almin and his team. . . To say the least they are nothing short of incredible. If your tired of lip service from website companies/builders or marketing firms/SEO or SEM…Read more...
Kait M.Oct 12, 2022
j E.Sep 12, 2022
Steff C.Aug 12, 2022
StyleLabs Inc was really great to work with! Very efficient and organized team that helped us reinvent our Optometrist clinic web page. They take the time to go through the data with you and show you…Read more...
Kevin F.Apr 28, 2022
Vive L.Apr 27, 2022
Ray L.Feb 19, 2022
Things are moving too fast to keep up with what really works while running your business. We wanted to be first not last. Almin really helped us do that. I could focus on doing what I needed to do while…Read more...
Graham G.Feb 7, 2022
Alisha A.Feb 1, 2022
Always a pleasure to work with! I love our newly revamped website!
Charly K.Feb 1, 2022
Working with StyleLabs has been an incredible experience for myself and my business. Almin has been instrumental in helping me execute my ideas and build my vision, by always thinking bigger. …Read more...
Marc T.Nov 24, 2021
From start to rollout the Style Labs team was professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Sandra R.Nov 20, 2021
Stylelabs Inc has given our company a complete new facelift. They have taken our company to new heights and has given us nothing but a positive new glow to our company. I would recommend Stylelabs…Read more...
Bozena K.Nov 17, 2021
Was an absolute pleasure working with Mike and Almin and the rest of the team, would highly recommend!
tory W.Oct 2, 2021
Wanted a website unlike anything in our industry in order to stand out. We certainly received more than we asked for in that regard
Grey Dove Design H.Jul 5, 2021
StyleLabs did a stellar job at creating my website from scratch. They had a very easy-to-follow system in place to make the launch of the website painless. Not to mention, everyone I've dealt with…Read more...
Laurie B.Jun 16, 2021
Amazing group of professionals to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. My website was created far above my expectations. Thank you very much StyleLabs!
Tyler H.Jun 14, 2021
We choose StyleLabs for the development of our new website. It's absolutely first class! Mike, Almin, and the rest of the team were fantastic to work with. They took the time to understand our…Read more...
Wide Effect A.Jun 9, 2021
Dr. Andrea E.Jun 2, 2021
I have been so impressed with StyleLabs as a whole. They are very professional, the quality of their work and their promptness is amazing. I am extremely please with my website!!! I would…Read more...
Christian N.Apr 21, 2021
Style labs does a great job on my marketing, advertising and strategy!!!!

Thanks Style Labs for the great work
Rolando S.Apr 7, 2021
Charla S.Feb 19, 2021
Getting my website set up was the easiest part of setting up my company, thanks to Style Labs
Chad L.Feb 3, 2021
Style Labs have been great to work with.
From start to finish I highly recommend!
Kent P.Sep 28, 2020
The crew at Stylelabs have been a refreshing experience. The service and team they have aligned are second to none. For all your website and marketing needs, these are the folks to strongly consider.
PaulSep 7, 2020
Joanna A.Aug 13, 2020
Wonderful company to work with. We have such a great experience working with Almin and his team, as they always deliver on their promises. Highly recommended over any other company we have ever worked with.
Ehsan A.Aug 10, 2020
Great experience working with StyleLabs! Very good for entrepreneurs looking to make inroads in their industries. Would certainly recommend.
Earl Osei A.Aug 7, 2020
Very professional, qualified SEO experts and their team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met.
Sandra F.Aug 6, 2020
It was great working with a team of knowledgeable professionals who care about their clients, are committed to understanding their businesses and challenges, and take great pride in staying abreast of technology.
Saira S.Aug 6, 2020
Almin and his team are incredible. White-glove service all the way, even though we purchased the Starter Kit. They make us feel heard and understood, and as entrepreneurs ourselves, it's so…Read more...
Bernadette O.Aug 5, 2020
Almin, Salina and their team have an excellent mix of talents and skills that work well with our group to ultimately create a customized new website and a fully integrated social media program. We…Read more...
Kristi T.Aug 5, 2020
Wonderful team to work with. Strategy is on point every time and it’s a true collaboration!
Carey B.Aug 5, 2020
I have had the sincere pleasure of dealing with StyleLabs for the past two years. Almin and his team of professionals consistently go above and beyond when it comes to personal service. I would be…Read more...
brian P.Aug 5, 2020
I have used Style Labs for the development of my Websites for Peterson MD, Okanagan Health Surgical Centre and Okanagan Skin Care Centre. Style labs continues internet maintenance of my Surgical…Read more...
Zain D.Aug 5, 2020
I have been working with Stylelabs for years now and hands down they are the most professional, reliable company out there. I would highly recommend them for any website, marketing, google, SEO, etc needs!!
Alisha & A.Aug 5, 2020
I’ve been working with StyleLabs for about a year now and it has been a great experience. They really take the time to listen to my needs and to learn what my business is all about. They have…Read more...
Alnoor M.Aug 5, 2020
As a new business looking to establish itself in a competitive market, its has been such a pleasure to work with StyleLabs. The website they designed for us is absolutely beautiful, their guidance…Read more...
AHC M.Aug 4, 2020
We were in need of website development services when we came across StyleLabs. It was a personal meeting with Almin that sealed the deal in their favour. His passion and dedication to his clients was…Read more...
Alysia T.Aug 4, 2020
I’ve been working with StyleLabs for 5+ years on various projects including Website Design & ongoing SEO services. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome and our higher Google Ranking. …Read more...
Melissa R.Aug 4, 2020
Incredible customer service. Top notch value with a knowledgeable and professional staff.
Thank you for all your support!!
Nevin K.Aug 4, 2020
We had StyleLabs redo the websites for two of our companies. Very easy to work with. We were very happy with the services and with the end product. Well done.
Holly P.Aug 4, 2020
Fantastic company to deal with, can't wait to work with them again on our next project.
Alnoor S.Aug 4, 2020
Kristine C.Aug 4, 2020
There is not another marketing organization I would put ahead of StyleLabs in any category. Almin and Salina have opened my eyes to the importance of not only the right product but the right team…Read more...
Minaz L.Aug 4, 2020
Besurance Corporation has been using the Stylelabs Silent Salesman application for over a year. Its been used to manage the contacts and referrals for the 20/20 mortgage life insurance product. The…Read more...
Sara V.Aug 4, 2020
In business I think one of the most important things is educating your client in an industry they are coming to you for a service. StyleLabs has gone above and beyond to help me understand website…Read more...
Isaac M.Aug 4, 2020
This guys are the best in the business. I've worked with several web designers and I've never been so pleased with someones work, its so genuine, so professional and so mindful when creating your…Read more...
Emma L.Aug 4, 2020
Great service with a team that consistently goes above and beyond!
Shaheen A.Aug 3, 2020
Mayur P.Aug 3, 2020
Stylelabs has provided PropertyApps with such a great quality product and service that we refer all of our business associates to them.
Kim S.Aug 3, 2020
The entire Stylelabs Team is committed and invested in the success of our business. We have used multiple marketing agencies that promised the world yet did not come close to producing the results…Read more...
Shannon D.Aug 3, 2020
When I finally decided to upgrade my website and have StyleLabs create something new, I was very impressed. My personal training business improved as more people were able to access me online. They…Read more...
Mukarram Dr. Z.Aug 3, 2020
Alyas K.Aug 3, 2020
Had the pleasure of dealing with Almin and the whole StyleLabs team. They were great to deal with, extremely professional and knowledgeable with an emphasis on delivering results for each of their clients.
Ryan W.Aug 3, 2020
Working with Stylelabs has truly taken our business to the next level. They do an amazing job at making you feel like you’re part of their family. They don’t treat you like just another customer. …Read more...
Ulysse Jr B.Aug 3, 2020
Everyone there is really easy to talk too and are very knowledgeable. Since I joined them my business as really taken off, I would suggest StyleLabs to anyone who is looking to grown their…Read more...
Jennifer N.Aug 3, 2020
They are amazing to work with! I appreciated the professionalism and service as a university student and business professional!
Sam - S.Aug 3, 2020
StyleLabs has a very unique approach to marketing that has proven effective and surgical for my business. In addition to strong Google rankings, their Samurai technology easy extremely easy to use…Read more...
Armany K.Aug 3, 2020
Roohila H.Aug 3, 2020
Kelle W.Aug 3, 2020
Excellent staff, professional work done on the webpages they provide. Amazing learning experience in the academy!! All around genuine firm, they care about their clients and have made such positive…Read more...
Sarah H.Aug 3, 2020
The StyleLabs team has been exceptional to work with, they treat their clients as they (presumably) want to be treated themselves. They are responsive, efficient and really get business. I love the…Read more...
bijoy S.Aug 3, 2020
shezma K.Aug 3, 2020
Isaac Medina - The Body E.Aug 3, 2020
This guys are the best in the business. I've worked with several web designers and I've never been so pleased with someones work, its so genuine, so professional and so mindful when creating your…Read more...
Shaun K.Aug 3, 2020
If you want cutting edge, next level and things done right, Style Labs is where you need to be.
Sam R.Aug 3, 2020
Stylelabs has provided us with key insights in Seo and online marketing strategies that actually move the needle and provided a clear ROI.
Karen S.Aug 3, 2020
Very professional staff that exhibit great team work to ensure timely delivery of work product. Special thanks to Sean for always being a great Quarterback!
Amir M.Aug 3, 2020
Professional, knowledgeable and focused on client success. Exactly what we need for handling our marketing.
The Mindset R.Aug 2, 2020
StyleLabs has revolutionized digital marketing for small businesses. SEO packed websites, increased conversion and beautiful automated email marketing and google reviews are a few of the benefits to the Startup Kit.
Becky C.Aug 2, 2020
Our business has been working with Stylelabs Inc. for the last two years and can say they are absolutely wonderful and professional! They assisted us with our research and development as well as…Read more...
Faiz K.Jul 25, 2020
Almin, Salina and the entire StyleLabs team are true masters of their craft. By far one of the best Calgary marketing firm around! They go above and beyond for their clients....treating them like family.
Michael A.Jul 10, 2020
If you’re looking to completely Dominate Google then StyleLabs is your clear choice! Professional Team, Gorgeous Websites and best of all they know what it takes to convert leads into customers. I…Read more...
Jody V.Jul 7, 2020
I am so grateful I hired Style Labs to create my website! I am blown away with the conceptual design and content layout. Mike Asmus was very hands on and informative throughout the whole process. …Read more...
Mitch Murphy (Mitch M.Jul 1, 2020
The team was great! Mike walked me through my new website and am very happy with the results! Would highly recommend them for anything website design and digital marketing.
Chad F.Jun 22, 2020
StyleLabs beautifully designed my website and their highly knowledgeable staff provide everything needed to successfully operate in the online world. Their continued support and easy to use…Read more...
Leanne K.Mar 27, 2020
Expert Marketing/Strategy
Greg L.Mar 27, 2020
Lisa W.Feb 6, 2020
After years of wasting money on useless websites and marketing tools, I finally chose to partner with Stylelabs to take my business and branding to a whole new level. They built a world class website…Read more...
Alisha Adatia, O.Jan 22, 2020
I've been working with StyleLabs for about a year now and they have taken my practice to the next level. They really took the time to understand my business and created a personalized marketing…Read more...
sarah L.Jan 15, 2020
The team at StyleLabs are great to work with. Really know their stuff and fast to customize products.
Adil L.Dec 6, 2019
JACQUELINE K.Nov 26, 2019
Emmanuel Precioso T.Nov 6, 2019
Almin created my landing page for mortgage insurance! Truly pleased with the result! Thank You Almin Kassamali
Al W.Sep 4, 2019
I have been dealing with Almin and his team for many years now. Style Labs offers a top notch service and delivers exactly what they say they will. I would recommend Style Labs to anyone looking for…Read more...
David K.Aug 20, 2019
I had Style Labs create my website for my commercial millwork company and they did a fantastic job. They allowed me to pay for it in small installments along with the monthly hosting fee so it was…Read more...
Grey Matter M.Jun 25, 2019
CREATE. Construction G.Jun 21, 2019
We approached Almin and Style Labs years ago to improve our website. They listened intently and provided a website that exceeded our expectations. Almin's knowledge and recommendations are second to…Read more...
Jackie K.Jun 12, 2019
The StyleLabs team are masters of SEO. I am very happy with my website and the service I've received over the past few years.
-Dr J Korol
Arron Y.May 30, 2019
Amazing company to work with , product is phenomenal
Tanner H.May 22, 2019
Highly recommend StyleLabs for their integrity and delivery of product. These guys are true passionate professionals and are the best in their industry.
Becky O.Apr 9, 2019
Aimee M.Dec 31, 2018
The whole team at StyleLabs is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Your goals are theirs too. I really enjoy working with them and know they are the best in their field.
Alysia T.Nov 24, 2018
We've been working with StyleLabs for 2+ years now. We've had great results using their SEO Strategies and it's shown in our Google Ranking. More importantly, they build relationships with their…Read more...
Nick S.Nov 16, 2018
Phil U.Nov 8, 2018
Stylelabs is one of the very few marketing companies that get it! Great leadership with progressive vision on how to help your business succeed with your marketing efforts in all channels.
Charlotte Wright Oct 12, 2018
Nabeela D.Oct 11, 2018
Ryan W.Oct 10, 2018
Mitch T.Oct 9, 2018
Jessica S.Sep 20, 2018
StyleLabs has helped bring our business to the next level. We have been very happy with their service!
Talib K.Sep 16, 2018
Scott W.Sep 13, 2018
Umar Z.Sep 7, 2018
Rex M.Sep 4, 2018
Garett J.Sep 2, 2018
There are many companies out there that claim expertise in websites, SEO, social media and understanding the internet. StyleLabs cares about your business and where you are going. They are also the…Read more...
Leanne K.Aug 30, 2018
Nigel B.Aug 19, 2018
I have had the pleasure of working with Almin and his team for a few years now and his dedication to each of his clients is second to none!
M P.Aug 13, 2018
I continue to be astonished by the great customer service and forward thinking of StyleLabs. They are always looking for new ways to maximize my exposure which translates into new customers every day. Thanks Almin!
Kelsey S.Jul 22, 2018
StyleLabs has been a huge part of my life for the last year. I am thankful for the team and for Almin who have put their resources into helping me grow my business. I have one of the best real estate…Read more...
Jessica S.Jul 9, 2018
StyleLabs worked diligently to ensure we had a finished product that exceeded our expectations. Each individual that was involved in the creation of our site made sure that they understood our…Read more...
SPARQ P.Apr 24, 2018
We just loved working with Salina and Almin on our website and appreciated how knowledgeable they were and how professionally the team worked on our website design and function. They took the time…Read more...
Cheryl V.Mar 22, 2018
We have always had a very professional and pleasant experience working with Almin and his team at Stylelabs. Great company!
Sprog and Sprocket T.Nov 8, 2017
After a lot of careful consideration over which firm to use for the design of our website we are very happy we decided to go with Style Labs. Its been a few months now since we went live and we get…Read more...
Scott B.Aug 6, 2017
Vlad D.Dec 4, 2016
Archer I.Nov 12, 2016
The web site StyleLabs built generates calls and business for my company. Others in my industry and in the web industry have been very complimentary about the site and it has the highest page…Read more...
Charly K.Nov 8, 2016
Ryan F.Aug 11, 2016
Unbelievable. Almin and his talented team were paramount in developing our brand, the voice of our organization, an unbelievable Samurai website and gettin us to the top of Google. We really do…Read more...
Nishma J.Jul 24, 2016
Der M.Jul 23, 2016
The Stylelabs Team (Almin and his team) did an amazing job in building a beautiful and professional website for my company. The administrative Samurai Platform is user friendly and I am very pleased…Read more...
Monique K.Jul 21, 2016
Style Labs has created an outstanding website for me, generating a large amount of my personal training clientele. Working with Almin and his team has been professional yet still fun, and I look…Read more...
Okotoks H.Jul 16, 2016
StyleLabs is truly a company that exemplifies professionalism, customer service and forward-thinking mentality. StyleLabs and the entire team - led by Almin Kassamali - listened to what I wanted,…Read more...
Bree H.Jul 15, 2016
Style Labs provided the foundation for my online business, which has tripled its revenue since our launch date only 1. 5 years ago. With their knowledge and expertise, I am able to showcase my brand…Read more...
Adil L.Jul 15, 2016
Amazing web design. Almin and his team have created an effective strategy for growing businesses while still catering to individual needs.

Many thanks.
Mike L.Jul 15, 2016
SEO wizards. If you are seeking to be a leader in your industry on the web this is the place to make it happen.
Grey Matter M.Jul 15, 2016
StyleLabs redesigned our website and did an amazing job. Our website is very professional looking and the team went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend them to anyone…Read more...
Cynthia M.Jul 15, 2016
Stylelabs Inc. Marketing strategies and SEO expertise has transformed our webpage from invisible to rank top of the page. Our online presence has increased dramatically ever since we launched our new…Read more...
Bryce M.Jul 15, 2016
I approached Stylabs and asked them to help me put together a website to help me promote my photography business. They came through with flying colours. Why is more important is the great support I…Read more...
Steve T.Jul 15, 2016
Working with Almin and his team is the best business decision I have ever made. I have a high degree of enthusiasm with the projects I design and create, and I look for that same enthusiasm when…Read more...
Maura S.Jul 15, 2016
The team at StyleLabs are good listeners, nimble thinkers and embrace the changing social media landscape, they know what you need before you need it.
Michele T.Jul 15, 2016
Working with Almin Kassamali and his team at StyleLabs Inc. has been a rewarding experience. The backend development of our website was an intricate process and StyleLabs came through with an…Read more...
Shaun K.Jul 14, 2016
Amazing company! Almin's vision and his team put together an powerful community for us. Their technology is cutting edge and offer a great support system to address any issues that arise.
Nick S.Jul 14, 2016
Style Lab (Almin and his team) is what Fluorescent Man Lighting needed. A team that listened to my ideas, gave their thoughts, implemented a marketing strategy. BOOM !! Now i'm on the top of the…Read more...
Doug B.Jan 8, 2016
Almin and the team created a fresh new look for me that's already getting attention. If you need web services, they're the people to talk to!

Thanks everyone, well done!
Talib K.Nov 21, 2015
Great job as always team! Really creative thinking and the entire group takes the time to really understand our business. Leaps and bounds ahead of every marketing agency we've used to date.
Salina K.Nov 16, 2015
The Samurai technology took the eStyle website to the top of Google. Additionally, the strategy, tactics and implementation from Almin to our community building initiative yielded an invaluable asset…Read more...
Shayne J.Oct 19, 2015
StyleLabs took us straight to page 1 of Google. They Rock.
Jensen F.Oct 6, 2015
I have been blown away by the level of expertise and technical excellence that comes from StyleLabs. They have helped us double and triple our business but more importantly they care about who we…Read more...
Vadim D.Oct 5, 2015
My experience with stylelabs is nothing short of great! When I started working with stylelabs my websites google ranking were not that great, my presence for a lot of the keywords which are important…Read more...
Mario F.Oct 3, 2014
Almin and the crew at style labs created a masterpiece of a website for my company Concrete Innovations. From start to finish it was a great experience.
Shaun K.Sep 21, 2014
Thanks for the amazing work!